- About Us is a site to find and share information (coupons, coupon codes, deals, vouchers, special offers, reviews, or news) for thousands of online stores and services worldwide.

If you're a consumer, check before engaging in any online transaction - purchasing from an online store, signing up for a service like webhosting or insurance, etc. We may be able to save you money, and you may find other pertinent information about the company in question - news, reviews, etc. If you have a discount, coupon code, review etc. to share yourself, you can easily do so using the blue SHARE COUPON button on the right sidebar of the site. No need to open any account or login.

For online stores and services (merchants): opening a merchant account has many benefits. Merchant accounts allow control of the business profile as shown on, and allow posting coupons/deals or other information in their business name instead of their personal name. The individual signing up for a merchant account is required to be an authorized representative of the business concerned.

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