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twinklens is the ultimate marketplace for contact lenses of all colors and patterns. We've been specializing in this field for over 10 years and keep creating new original models on top of the 400+ styles. Partnered with popular brands like FreshGo, Hidrocor, Tintiris and PsEYEChe, we are able to deliver the best colored contacts of their kind as well as offering compelling deals that you can find nowhere else. Product Lineup: Budget-friendly WOW! lenses perfect for starters (all at $9.9 / pair). Normal cosmetic lenses that can help you rule your daily life in the way you want. Premium Windy monthlies that refresh your eye color in a super natural way. Iconic cosplay / Halloween contacts that transform you into supernatural forms. The ja... .

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Code: BTS40 Back to School Sale - Redeem Code BTS40 at checkout & save 40% extra off all items at twinklens. Enter code above at checkout. Restrictions: Starts: 08-01-23 ENDS: 08-31-23 #twinklens-coupon #twinklens-promo #twinklens-deal #twinklens-coupon-code

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