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Fit, fabric, and fashion are our philosophy. At Tail Activewear, we offer athletic apparel and activewear designed exclusively for our customers’ needs. We outfit you in fashion-forward athleticwear for the tennis court, golf course, yoga studio, treadmill, and more. Our distinctive pieces balance flattering fit, performance fabric, and high-quality construction. It’s top of the line because our customers demand it, and because we are as obsessed with perfecting our game as they are.

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Code: JUST4U20

Tail Activewear: 20% Off Your First Purchase - 20% off your first purchase with code JUST4U20 Enter code above at checkout. Restrictions: Starts: 01-08-20 ENDS: NEVER #tailactivewear-coupon #tailactivewear-promo #tailactivewear-deal #tailactivewear-coupon-code

Posted by: Contaya.com Date posted: Dec 9th, 2021

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