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SHELTA offers technical sun hats, that unlike any other brand, blocks the sun, not your vision, with it’s patented “No Flop” Brim Technology. Trusted by outdoor athletes, adventurers and professionals around the world, SHELTA offers the most engineered, purpose-built sun hat ever made. A Shelta’s main point of difference from any other brand, is the patented “No Flop” Brim. This technology does not allow the front of the brim to flop up or down, even in windy or wet conditions. Built and designed for performance as well as sun protection, we use the best UPF 50+ Eco-tech fabric and offer activity specific styles, multiple sizes and innovative design features.

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Shelta: Free US shipping for all orders over $65.00 + Free shipping on US returns. #shelta-coupon #shelta-promo #shelta-deal

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