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We made the baseball cap (one of the most worn pieces of headwear on the planet) better. Our patented notches end the fight for face space and finally make wearing a curved brim hat and sunglasses together comfortable and functional. Our hats are worn by special forces team members, snipers, military units, law enforcement agencies, and private contractors just to name a few. With thousands of reviews from happy customers and collaborations with a variety of globally recognized brands, you'll be joining a winning team with a proven track record. Notch is veteran owned and operated and was founded in 2013 in Yuma, AZ. The war between your hat & sunglasses is over.

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Notch: FREE shipping on U.S. orders over $50! The war between your hat & sunglasses is over. Restrictions: Starts: 04-24-20 ENDS: 12-31-37 #notch-coupon #notch-promo #notch-deal

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