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"Your birthday party should be different! Make it different with a really special candle on your birthday cake!" Lotus birthday candles are simply amazing. Instead of lighting up a bunch of boring old candles one by one, you just stick one (or two or three!) of these candles in the middle of your cake, light the wick that's supplied with the candle, and apply the wick to the center of the candle body. What happens next is amazing - a shower of sparks shoots upwards, the candle petals open up l... .

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Beware of Knock Offs! Lotus Candles brand is only at LotusCandles.com

Every day we get emails from disappointed customers who purchased dubious knock offs of our candles somewhere that didn't work right when they tried using them. Lotus Candles™ brand is ONLY available at https://LotusCandles.com. Never confuse Lotus Candles brand with low qualit... read more

Posted by: Contaya.com Date posted: Aug 8th, 2019

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