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Created by entrepreneurs Alisa Ushakova and Nino Shamatava, Ushatáva is a sustainable ready-to-wear unisex brand based out of Yekaterinburg, Russia. The two designers met in Siberia ten years ago and bonded through their love of fashion. Creating a brand was an impossible dream for Ushakova and Shamatav but they embarked on the journey anyway. Although the two didn't have any formal fashion education or funding, Ushakova and Shamatav had a clear understanding of what kind of silhouettes, proportions and colors should be created for the brand. Their first set of designs were so popular and widely accepted that designers decided to begin taking orders. They began by designing and sewing everything by hand, but with the growth of business t... .

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Code: Mem20

USHATAVA: USHATAVA - 20% Off Sitewide Memorial Day Sale Starts: 05-18-21 #ushatava-coupon #ushatava-promo #ushatava-deal #ushatava-coupon-code

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