Get your customers to help you with

Your existing customers and site visitors are your best advocates - and their friends' most trusted resource - for shopping decisions!

If you are a merchant operating a website, by linking to using the banner links below you can get more exposure and customers for your business.

These banners invite your customers to look up your business on and share their experiences with their Facebook friends in an informative way quickly and easily.

On, customers can recommend your business to their friends with a single click, or post full reviews about your business and post those to Facebook easily too. If any coupons or other information are available to assist them in the shopping process, they can find or share those on also. Business recommendations and reviews are stored permanently on besides being posted to Facebook, so that they can inform consumers about good businesses to go to on an ongoing basis after being initially posted.

You should place these banner links in a visible area on your website where your customers and site visitors can see them easily. To do this, download them to your web server by right-clicking on the banners above. The link to attach to the banners is:

where XXX is your merchant ID as listed on You can see what this is directly by looking up your site on and clicking on the "Merchant Reviews" tab.

(If your business/website isn't yet listed on, you can get it listed yourself by either submitting a post about it (coupon, deal, review, article, etc.) or by opening a merchant account for it - opening a merchant account will allow you to post on in your business name and give you access to many other site features available to merchants.)

As ALT text (text description) for the banners, or as the anchor text for text links, we would recommend "Review Us And Recommend Us To Your Friends On!"

If you have an email mailing list or newsletter which you use to communicate with your customers, we encourage you to also include the banners and/or a brief note about this feature in the email update/newsletter you send out to them.

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